Network   –   Share  –  Collaborate 

These are the three main objectives of the Public Policy India Network (PPIN). A place where professionals can connect with each other, build their own network, share their knowledge, experiences and stories, and collaborate with each other to create a larger impact.

This platform is envisioned as a go-to destination for all the current and aspiring public-policy professionals in the country. This platform will have articles, job opportunities, a knowledge hub,  online forums for discussions among the members, listing of events like conferences, round tables, meetups etc. 

Currently, users will be able to find informed viewpoints of youngsters and experienced public policy enthusiasts of the country on the platform in addition to latest job opportunities from organisations across the world. 

Our social media initiative called The Ignorant Indian intends to make the common men and women of India aware of the matters related to the social issues and also what is being done to sort them out in the simplest of the terms.  

We are open to ideas that our users may have and would like to share with us to make this platform better with time. If you have an idea and would like to collaborate with us, please do write to us at publicpolicy.in@gmail.com


Mohit Kumar Bebarta

Mohit has worked as a Consultant with organisations like QCI, Karvy, IPSOS. His prime focus has been on use of technology to build monitoring mechanisms for government schemes. E-Governance, WASH and Health are some of his key interest areas.

Vedprakash Singh

A public policy professional working towards building self-reliant sustainable institutions for primary producers and resolving public issues. With years of experience in diverse platforms like urban transport, legal policy, wash sector, election campaigning, rural livelihoods.

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